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Beach Wedding Planner

Beach Wedding Planner

Brides or Grooms…firstly, heartly CONGRATULATIONS, If your wedding date has finally been set! You must have already begun looking for or collecting the best wedding invitations, attire, and more for your wedding. What about the location🤔? Every couple wants to celebrate their wedding in the most unique way possible. But, what can be more unique than to have a destination wedding. 

Not everyone likes to celebrate their special day in a close and compact space. Open sky, refreshing waves and salty breeze of the beach makes it feel just the right destination to start a new journey.

If you are planning to get married someday soon, and wish to celebrate it in a new and trendy way— Beach Weddings are the BEST you could have!

We all have a dream of being married beside a beach in our ideal world, right?

So how about we fulfill your dream? Yes, you can wed at a beach destination wedding site in India, which will not only save you money but also provide you with the venue of your dreams for the most important day of your life.

Whether you are planning a simple close-to home beach wedding or the destination miles away from your place, it is always preferable to approach the righteous wedding planner with the best of strategies to make your special day as sparkling as possible.

Why need a destination wedding planner?

First off, skilled and experienced wedding planners often handle everything, from décor and catering to logistics and transportation, leaving couples and their parents with stress-free time so they can enjoy the festivities with other guests.

Secondly, the couples depart the exotic locations like islands, beaches, historic forts and palaces with lifelong memories; picture a wedding album that looks like it belongs in a travel magazine that you and your partner will cherish forever. Of course, the early start to the honeymoon is a plus.

Last but not the least, a destination wedding planner will provide your guests with a restorative all-inclusive vacation in addition to the excitement of the wedding festivities.

Triple Star Events India can be the one such professional wedding planner you need.

When we talk about destination weddings— beach and island weddings deserve special notice. The abundance of tranquil beaches and exotic islands in India merely raises the allure of destination weddings to new heights. The lovely beaches of India, with their extensive lengths of golden sand bordered by coconut trees and caressed by the turquoise-emerald seas, offer the ideal romantic setting for exchanging vows with your future spouses.

Yes, also! Not to mention, destination weddings will give you the option to reduce the number of guests, saving you from the annoying “door ke mamas” and “door ki maasis” outbursts.

While Goa tops the list of beach wedding places in India, there are many more undiscovered and unusual locations that are guaranteed to give the newlyweds a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience.

With the rush of events and traditional customs, you often forget to taste the joy of the precious moment. Imagine a luxurious seaside wedding and you are busy managing decoration, catering, guests and so much more. “Do not let these moments fade away,” says our destination wedding expert. Live every moment of you or your loved ones and let hard work be taken care of by our experts.

Here is a glimpse at some of the most romantic beach destinations in India where you can plan to get married with all our specialized hands on it.

Pick Your Desired Destination

We have years of experience in planning the wedding and coordinating with the bride and groom as well as their families. We have a list of best beach destinations and a proven record of successful marriages in Goa, Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, Andaman and Nicobar Island and many more. You just pick your desired destination and forget about all the worries. Our planners will take care of all the requirements and manage your day in a way that will delight you and your guests.

Goa Beach Wedding

Our Goa Beach Wedding Planner will amaze your guests with the pinch of Goa’s culture. Or you can have a complete Goan wedding with floral theme decoration, traditional wedding choirs and amazing seafood and salads. We will never advise you to spend a lot; instead provide everything in your set budget. A luxurious wedding does not always mean a tight pocket… a flawless execution can also let you have everything within the range.

Kerala Beach Wedding

Our Kerala Beach Wedding Planner will make your dream come true in the “God’s own country”. Under warm sun and waving coconut palms you can capture the most special moment of your life. To make the celebration more spectacular, you can also go for a soothing Houseboat Wedding. Imagine in the middle of the water, away from the hustle and bustle, marrying your significant other and saying your eternal vows.

Chennai Beach Wedding

Our Chennai Beach Wedding Planner will bring the most exotic geographical location that will pique your curiosity. The stunning beauty of India’s cleanest beaches will bring elegance and grace to your wedding with the seaside celebration and features beaches with abundance.

How Soon Should I Approach The Planner?

Whether you have picked a distant location or a close one, the planner needs time to discuss the requirements and the budget with the family and make arrangements from scratch. Making the guest list, tracking the invitation and taking care of the preferences- even for a very simple wedding, you need to approach the planner as soon as possible.

Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime; therefore, we will make it as unique and meaningful as we can. Triple Star Events India Pvt. Ltd. is always available to help with wedding preparations; get in touch with us for additional details on wedding packages. Plan a dream destination wedding, without any fuss with us!