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Luxury Wedding Planner

Luxury Wedding Planner

You might be wondering why we’re using a term for something so concrete as wedding planners. Due to the widespread misconception that wedding planners primarily work for “big ticket” weddings with extravagantly high expenses, this business is cloaked in myth.

The best thing, though? Whether you want a luxury spectacle, an unconventional celebration, or an intimate destination wedding, we have someone for every type of wedding. We even have someone who would arrange for unwanted wedding gifts!

Weddings look perfect in pictures and presentation skills, hiding the work, preparation, stress, and challenges that go into organizing one. A couple and their family can surely host their own wedding, but it is true that they will be too stressed out to truly enjoy the event. Wedding planners can help in this situation. They handle everything, including the invitations, event themes, décor, and logistics! The outcome? A joyful and stress-free wedding for the couple!

According to your tastes and spending limit, we Triple Star Events India assist you in choosing the best service throughout. Our roster of highly vetted experts, listed under the category of our Favorites, is available to assist you in organizing and carrying out your dream of luxurious wedding!

These professionals are in charge of organizing every aspect of your wedding, from helping you decide on the budget, choosing the location, and printing the invitations to making sure all of your ceremonies and festivities run without a hitch. The smallest and most routine tasks to the most crucial ones can all be handled by their staff.

Even if you’ve been pinning ideas since you first discovered Pinterest, planning your ideal luxury wedding is no easy task. It wouldn’t be surprising if you found yourself slacking on some of the finer details of your celebrations, like the floral centerpiece on the dining tables at your reception or the font on your monogrammed napkins.

You can be sure that a wedding will be out-of-this-world when one of India’s top businesses plans it. The preferred wedding organizers for the elite in society, Triple Star Events India has organized weddings in locations from Kerala, Pondicherry, to Udaipur, and Jaipur; including the most popular wedding locations in India for a destination wedding


Due to the numerous advantages it provides, luxury weddings are already a typical occurrence. If you’re looking for a special and luxurious wedding location, you’ve come to the correct place.


We are here to make sure that organizing your wedding is as delightful and entertaining as it should be. The days of exhausting spreadsheets and hair-pulling tension are over as Triple Star Events India introduces you to the beautiful world of wedding preparation.


Every couple wants their wedding, which is a once-in-a-lifetime event, to be perfect and exactly how they have imagined. And who can make it happen better than wedding planners? Finding the top wedding planners or wedding planning firms, however, gets difficult as the competition grows. We are aware of how challenging it may be to choose a wedding planner that not only matches your budget but also takes into account your ideas for the big day.

Get the Luxury you deserve

Our team of professionals has created all the resources you require, such as a personalized budget, checklist, venue search, and supplier search, in one location to help you plan your ideal wedding.

Triple Star Event India is here to assist you every step of the way, from the moment you say “Yes!” to the moment you exchange vows.


The specialized wedding section, which creates exceptional experiences across all of its verticals; we are the finest at organizing a destination wedding in India or in any of the top wedding venues worldwide!


Triple Star Events India, which has more than ten years of experience in the hospitality sector, has increased the scope of its offerings to now include specialized destination management, event management, and customized wedding planning in the most desirable wedding sites.


We provide turnkey services to our clients, acting as a single point of contact for all aspects of the wedding including venue selection, hotel negotiations, ground transportation, theme development and execution, entertainment planning and securing celebrity performers, emcees, and hosts, mehendi, appointments with beauticians and saree drapers, trousseau designer consultations, menu and catering decisions, and guest relations and hospitality desk. We provide comprehensive destination wedding packages in the top wedding venues around India.


Talking about luxury? No place can beat the place like Jaipur. Beautiful palaces and resorts draw wedding couples to the famed Indian destination-wedding city of Jaipur. The forts and opulent hotels in this pink city are a genuine blessing to exchange wedding vows, whether it is an intimate ceremony with a small number of guests or a stunning royal wedding.


You must realize that Indian weddings are akin to festivals. It is highly likely that you would forget things to accomplish when preparing and organizing your wedding celebrations because there are so many wedding rites and ceremonies. Triple Star Events India is a wedding planner that can provide you with all wedding suppliers for your marriage preparation, whether you are planning an intimate wedding, beach wedding, or a lavish royal destination or luxury wedding in India.


It is difficult to handle all the functions of a large, elaborate Indian wedding on your own because there are so many customs and traditions involved. When that happens, we aid you. The solution to all of your wedding planning problems is Triple Star Events India. Events that represent your preferences and are memorable are planned and carried out by us.


Our team of specialists provides premium services since they are aware of the various needs of customers. We will be happy to help you with anything you need, from specially created invitation cards to wedding photography, pre-wedding shots, and destination weddings.