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Royal Wedding Planner​

Royal wedding Planner

Every bride-to-be has probably imagined having a fantasy wedding, and what could be more romantic than getting married in a royal palace? A wedding is a wonderful experience, and India is the perfectious location to plan any wedding; especially the royal ones!


Imagine marrying in the manner of a maharaj aur maharani of India —a country rich in cultural legacy, including a vibrant regal past that has long fascinated tourists and scholars. Many soon-to-weds get shivers just at the notion of exchanging vows while decked out in their wedding finery, and now you can make that dream come true against the backdrop of a majestic and historical palace.


Every wedding has a fresh, individual narrative. A wedding is not just a predictable event. It is a journey. A surprise. An excitement. A door to a new phase of life and what not… So, why not have a memorable one? Every bride and husband should strive to make their wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


There is no denying that India, with its many royal cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and others, is one of the world’s best and most popular locations for royal weddings. The allure of hosting a royal wedding in forts and palaces has been further increased by the prevalence of celebrity weddings.


By choosing a reputable wedding planner, you can fill your rucksack with joy and excitement because they provide tons of services and amenities that will transform your venue into a stunning setting. If you are thinking of organizing a lavish wedding and searching for a wedding planner, you are at the right place as this business has you covered with enticing design and an attractive atmosphere.


As reputed wedding planners, we make sure that the “charm” doesn’t wane even slightly; instead, we astound you with the way we design royal weddings.


The goal of Triple Star Events India is to turn your wedding into the most spectacular one. As a wedding planner in India, we provide a variety of themed wedding packages that can be personalized. For a wedding that would change your life, you can go for a royal wedding or a Bollywood-themed celebration, we cover it all.


We recognise that saying “I do” to your beloved should be among the most perfect moments of your life. Your royal wedding should be a sophisticated, distinctive, and memorable occasion. Wedding planners at Triple Star Events India give their all to create memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.


Our team of experts takes care of all the details while guiding you through the important choices involved in exchanging royal vows far from home. With our full royal wedding package, we guarantee that no detail is overlooked and that you have the royal wedding of your dreams.


We are the professionals who actually love what we do, who aren’t afraid to try unconventional solutions, and who are prepared to make each celebration truly one-of-a-kind.


Each undertaking is replete with significance and concepts that are significant to your marriage. The best degree of service and creating an exclusive atmosphere are essential parts of our strategy.


We are a group of skilled workers who go above and beyond to make every nook and cranny of the venue captivating and appealing.


This business handles all the arrangements, from fixing table decor to handling the transportation.


We provide a wide range of services from which you can choose in accordance with your needs and financial constraints.


With the aid of the most reputable royal wedding planners in India, you may stylishly fulfill your dream of having a royal wedding. We can guarantee that working with us will provide you an amazing wedding experience because of the vast experience we’ve collected over the past two decades.

The Royal Wedding At A Royal Palace

Planning a royal wedding in India will take you to places like Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur, and more, where the enthralling history of the monarchy has left behind some architectural wonders in the form of palaces, temples, and the like, offset by beautiful desert vistas.


Rajasthan is the ideal spot in India for a royal wedding due to its numerous regal royal locations. A variety of heritage properties and palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into world class luxury hotels suited for a royal wedding. Lush gardens, shimmering lakes, glorious old havelis, beautifully restored buildings and more, lie waiting to be explored.


The dream of getting married in a palace in India is no longer regarded as a far-fetched fantasy anymore. There are many choices in this desert state, and they are all renowned for their outstanding hospitality, delectable cuisine, and beauty, which makes them perfect locations for a regal wedding. We, as a wedding planner, will help you put together the perfect entertainment options like folk dance and music shows, shopping trips, desert safaris, elephant shows and more, providing the touch of local essence.


Do you like to experience a royal wedding with centuries of fascinating history all around you? Desiring an elegant Indian palace wedding? Let The Triple Star Events India help you put together a beautiful Royal wedding in one of the best palaces in India.

What We Include

Our royal wedding packages come with a variety of luxurious wedding services, such as outstanding wedding venues, elaborate floral arrangements, ceremonies, customs, and, of course, delectable meals and delicacies. Couples can exchange vows in a royal setting, surrounded by cultural procession, and with the wishes of their loved ones. We offer magnificent wedding locations befitting a bride and groom.


Join Triple Star Events India to celebrate your wedding at the top destination locations in India, including Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Pushkar and more.