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Theme wedding Planner

Theme wedding Planner

Aren’t we all sick of the boring weddings that just include the bride, the groom, and their families? Weddings with dated decorations and dull traditions don’t exactly inspire guests to want to attend. The only way to make your wedding a memorable occasion and capture everyone’s attention is to have a Theme Wedding.

An event that sticks out from the typical uninspired Indian wedding is one that has a theme wedding.

Every wonderful nuptial has a theme. This might be determined by a hue, a time period, or even the venue’s own aesthetic. We, Tripe Star Events India offer everything, including royal themes, Arabian nights, Rajwada themes, Gatsby nights, casino parties, Bollywood-inspired sangeets, Hawaiian-themed mehendis, and receptions with an enchanted vintage garden theme. We have a team of trained professionals that will either work with any theme you have in mind with perfection or introduce you to the most cutting-edge, inventive company concepts that you can never say NO to.

The invitations and accessories, dress code, decorations and setup, entertainment, lighting, music, cuisine, and whatnot can all be customized to fit your wedding’s theme.

To have a theme for your wedding, you don’t necessarily need a big expenditure. To make your wedding genuinely unique and custom-built, we are the type of wedding planners that will offer a tonne of fun, easy, and affordable ideas.

There are numerous themes that can be used to plan a theme wedding, starting with…


Floral theme: The mandap is decorated entirely with a certain kind of flower species, which gives it a clean, attractive aspect.


Retro theme: This theme is for everyone who likes the style of the 1970s. It is designed so that on your wedding day, the entire crowd will flaunt their bell-bottom pants and chiffon or georgette sarees.


Color theme: A wedding that is organized with vibrant, contrasting colors throughout the setup. The stunning hues let the bride and groom shine even more.


Seaside or beach theme: This is primarily for the laid-back types who want to keep their day stress-free and enjoyable.


Bollywood Theme: Being treated like a princess and having others perform tumkas for the couple on stage is something that most of us dream of.


If the theme is based on the climate, such as the monsoon, the décor will often include all of the appropriate seasonal products, such as an umbrella, water, rain, etc.


The wedding can be made unique by using themes like Arabic theme, Moroccan theme, travel theme, Disney theme, etc. Or a very classy and elegant feel with a vintage theme that is constantly in style.


Triple Star Events India have arranged a wide variety of theme weddings especially for you at the top wedding locations in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Goa, and other well-known locations in India.

Wedding Themes:-

Yes, the wait is over; this fashion trend has taken over Indian sensibilities and is quickly becoming an incredibly hip option for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. Themed weddings are quickly gaining popularity in India as more and more couples seek a custom and uncommon wedding that reflects their own personalities and tastes.


The possibilities are unlimited, whether it’s a straightforward color scheme, a vintage-inspired wedding, a traditional modern interpretation of Indian traditions, or a romantic “crystals and floral” theme.

Traditionally Indian Village Theme

A wedding with a rural, rustic theme featuring many traditional flowers, earthen pots, lanterns, bullock carts, and other similar décor items that transport you to the interior of the nation. The location can also be improved by using creative methods of serving food in banana leaves, warli painting, folk dances, urli, and diya decorations. This theme is especially fantastic if you chose an outdoor or farmhouse setting rather than a five-star one.

Star And Moon Theme

A lovely dreamlike suggestion for creating a romantic wedding atmosphere is to decorate the stage and mandap in a “moon and star” inspired theme. This theme is a real winner because of the LED lighting, elegant draperies, and attentive workmanship!

Hong-Kong Theme For Sangeet

This is an interesting theme for an Indian wedding because it incorporates Chinese lanterns and traditional Chinese influences to adorn the venue, floral dragons and Chinese silk umbrellas as props, and welcome girls wearing traditional kimonos to provide an exotic touch to the wedding affair.

Royal Wedding Theme

This is our most popular wedding theme because to the magnificent and opulent settings made possible by richly colored linens like red, champagne, gold, and cream; surreal atmosphere lighting; sumptuous floral arrangements; huge stage decor; and rich mandap design. You will feel like royalty on your wedding day thanks to a thoughtful selection of great cuisine, entertainment, and music befitting of a king, as well as many additional suggestions that go along with this theme!

BOLLYWOOD Inspired Sangeet

A Bollywood-inspired sangeet is made up of many different elements, including the bride and groom’s deftly planned entrance, decorations full of Bollywood-inspired elements like vintage movie star posters, entertainment for the red carpet of award shows, glitzy and glamorous stage design, and stunning backdrops.


Why not use blue as the dominating hue for the linens and lighting if your event is taking place near the pool? i.e the water theme. Or have a slot night with LED lighting, centerpieces that resemble card decks, unique linens, and other creative ideas to imitate a casino, we can transform your venue into a posh casino.


One of the most significant days of your life will be the one you have dreamed about since childhood. We guarantee that it will be a perfect one. Making your wedding dreams come true- that’s the type of wedding planner we are.


You can transform your wedding and turn your fantasy wedding into a reality since our creative team is a specialist in the field of theme wedding decors.

Give us a chance to make your wedding a fantastic one!